The inaugural public meeting of the GREENGAGE’s Observatory for the Turano Valley, held at the Municipality of Paganico Sabino (Lazio region) on March 9, 2024, was a resounding success. The event saw significant participation and interest from the local community, marking a promising start for GREENGAGE and its vision to foster active citizenship and enhance social and cultural activities in the Turano Valley.

Active Citizenship for the Turano Valley

The GREENGAGE project, in collaboration with the Association I Borghi più belli d’Italia, has selected the Turano Valley as a pilot area in the Lazio region. The GREENGAGE ‘s Observatory will engage in collaborative analysis using a Citizen Science approach to address key community issues such as mobility, air quality, liveability, and attractiveness to counter depopulation. The meeting was a chance to present the opportunities offered by the project and illustrate the methodology for establishing a GREENGAGE Observatory.

Citizens will participate in environmental surveys using 10 ATMOTUBE sensors to collect air quality data. This exploratory phase, scheduled until May 2024, aims to understand environmental differences between Rome and the Turano Valley and identify any significant deviations from the collected data.

Community Engagement

All 11 municipalities in the picturesque Turano Valley were invited to actively participate in the Observatory, contributing to the co-creation process aimed at improving the quality of life and promoting sustainable development in the region. The meeting provided a stimulating platform for discussion and planning of future activities, with participation from municipal representatives, environmental experts, and interested citizens.

During the meeting, detailed information was provided on the technologies and tools and learning opportunities made available to interested citizens to practice citizen science. The main focus was on mobility, air quality and the attractiveness of the territory to combat the depopulation of villages and to promote sustainable development. The event showcased the collaborative efforts of the Municipalities of Castel di Tora, Collalto Sabino, and Paganico Sabino, highlighting their commitment to addressing environmental and social challenges.

Future Outlook

The event was attended by 24 people, reflecting a strong community interest in contributing to the well-being of the Turano Valley. Out of these, 20 participants officially joined the GREENGAGE’s Observatory, whereby more participants are expected to join, indicating a growing desire to be part of this citizens’ initiative.

The GREENGAGE ‘s Observatory is a significant step in involving citizens in shaping the future of the Turano Valley and represents a critical development in actively involving the community in environmental and social challenges. It highlights the potential for joint efforts between citizens and local institutions to foster a sustainable and resilient future for the Turano Valley.