GREENGAGE’s mission is to enhance intelligence applied to city decision-making processes and governance by delivering innovative governance models and to harness the social and cultural opportunities by promoting active engagement of citizens in data collection and use of urban decision-making via Citizen Observatories (CO). By doing so, the project will transform citizen’s engagement and cities’ effectiveness in delivering the European Green Deal objectives for carbon neutral cities.


The project brings together 14 partners from 8 countries: Austria, Czech Republic, Denmark, Italy, the Nerherlands, Spain, Switzerland, United Kingdom.

GREENGAGE consortium integrates representatives from research and academic community, public authorities and technology experts. More specifically, GREENGAGE brings together experts from fields of social science and humanities focusing on citizen science and creative community engagement (KWMC, IBERCIVIS), data and technology experts/providers (AIT, Digital Sunray, VRVis, DEUSTO, GISAT, HOPU, MindEarth, Moondial, SushiDev), urban governance and planning (AIT, UWE, BUAS), and public authorities (Bristol, Province of North Brabant, Copenhagen, Turano-Gerace).

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