As part of our ongoing efforts to advance the GREENGAGE initiative, we recently held our second in-person project meeting in a captivating city of Vienna, Austria, hosted by our project coordinators at AIT Austrian Institute of Technology. The gathering proved to be a crucial milestone, bringing together our dedicated team members, technology providers, and citizen science colleagues. The event was filled with insightful presentations, collaborative workshops, and strategic planning sessions. Here are some impressions of the key activities that took place.

Pilot Plenary

Our meeting kicked off with a Pilot Plenary session. This session was designed to provide an update on the progress of each pilot. Representatives from each pilot presented the latest developments in their respective use cases over the past few months. The technical team and citizen science colleagues provided robust support during these presentations, ensuring that all aspects of the pilots were thoroughly covered.

This collaborative approach not only highlighted the advancements made but also identified areas needing further attention. The plenary concluded with an interactive Q&A session, where insightful comments and suggestions were exchanged, fostering a spirit of collective problem solving and innovation.

Technology for Pilots Session

Following the Pilot Plenary, we moved into the Technology for Pilots session. This session was pivotal, focusing on the technological backbone supporting our pilots. Technology providers delivered updates on their contributions to GREENGAGE’s pilots. The updates provided a clear picture of how technology is being leveraged to address the challenges and needs of our pilots.

The latter part of this session was dedicated to formulating a detailed plan for the infrastructure, implementation, and deployment of technologies for each pilot. We covered comprehensive workflows, starting from data capturing to storage, analysis, and visualization. This strategic planning is essential to ensure that our technological solutions are seamlessly integrated and effectively support the goals of each pilot.

Workshop on the GREENGAGE CO Academy Roadmap

In the final segment of our meeting, we conducted a workshop focused on the GREENGAGE Academy roadmap, led by GREENGAGE partner KWMC. This session was particularly engaging as it included hands-on participation from the pilots present in person. The workshop aimed to refine the roadmap by incorporating feedback and ideas from pilot owners, citizens, and tech providers.

We engaged in brainstorming sessions to map out the CO Journeys for pilot owners, citizens, and tech providers. This exercise was crucial in understanding the different perspectives and experiences of each stakeholder group, ensuring that the roadmap addresses their specific needs and expectations.

While all pilots were considered, special attention was given to the North Brabant pilot available in person. This focus allowed for more detailed and context-specific discussions, leading to actionable insights and tailored solutions. However, this model is meant to be translated to other pilots at a later stage.

Stay tuned for more updates as we move forward with the implementation of our plans and the continued development of our pilot projects.