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The Province of North Brabant is located in the south of the Netherlands with geographical coverage of 5.081 km², housing about 2.5 million citizens. The province is rapidly evolving, which raises a number of environmental and societal challenges. Chief amongst which is rapid urbanisation, creating a demand for 12.000 dwellings in liveable and sustainable neighbourhoods per year. To tackle this and associated traffic safety, health, inclusivity, economic, and energy challenges the province of North Brabant envisions a transition to sustainable traffic and transport as a key pursuit. 

The Province of North Brabant pilot targets the mobility transition throughout the whole province, specifically the transition from car travel to cycling. A focus is on improved accessibility to bicycle travel, allowing for use of bicycles for everyday movements, recreation, and commute.

Key Challenges

North Brabant pilot sets to address the following societal and environmental challenges: 

  • transport and mobility 
  • regional cycling accessibility 
  • inclusive citizen engagement 
  • building sustainable communities 


The overall vision of the Province of North Brabant pilot is an in-depth understanding of the reasons behind the selection of cars over bicycles as the main mode of transport, which will make the shift to sustainable transport a reality.  

The GREENGAGE project will facilitate the required quantitative and qualitative data collection on citizens’ travel patterns and decision-making processes by providing adequate tools for analyzing urban and regional mobility.