Citizen Observatories

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The Netherlands
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GREENGAGE has pilot engagements in 5 selected European cities and regions. Each of these pilots employ use cases which target different EU Green Deal objectives. These use cases aim to highlight the areas where smart city governance is mostly needed.


GREENGAGE develops Citizen Observatories (COs) to promote the active engagement of citizens in the collection and use of localised knowledge and intelligence used in urban development and decision-making. Citizens are invited to observe and co-create their cities by sensing their neighbourhoods in terms of air quality, mobility, and well-being. Their participation will be enhanced and supported by innovative technologies through wearables or proprietary devices and apps).

With the help of technology, citizens’ participation will help generate new crowdsourced data to:

  • complement, validate, and enrich information held by the public administrations and/or environment agencies derived from remote sensing data and obtained via other authoritative observations
  • improve urban governance by providing evidence for policy evaluation, policy making and decision making
  • increase societal awareness by showcasing the environmental challenges (climate change, poor air quality, healthy living)


GREENGAGE Citizen Observatory Journey


In each pilot, teams of about 60 Citizen Observers (CObs) will be formed to ensure a sufficient, inclusive, and representative group size. Each CO team will be split up into smaller groups and tasks and responsibilities will be assigned according to the participants’ competences and interests. Each CO team will have a designated CO Ambassador as main point of contact and will be supported by a CO Ambassador exchange program, where Ambassadors, Observers, project scientists and city authorities will be able to visit each area, exchange experiences on how to observe and measure selected urban issues, and share their failures using respective methods and tools. The aim is to find better solutions collaboratively, learning from unfamiliar settings and cultures.

Onboarding & Training

To support COs, the project builds capacity of citizen observers by providing necessary training to gain knowledge of the scientific process of data gathering, validating, sharing and understanding their semantics.