On November 17, 2023, the Bristol City Council premises buzzed with the energy and enthusiasm of a dynamic gathering – the Bristol Citizen Observatory Activation Workshop. This pivotal event, organized by the GREENGAGE partners Bristol City Council and KWMC, marked a significant step towards fostering community-driven urban development in Bristol.

A Collaborative Effort of Defining the Bristol Observatory

The workshop was a hands-on session that brought together a diverse group of GREENGAGE partners, including representatives from the University of the West of England (UWE) and GISAT. The collective goal was to collaboratively define, frame and activate the Bristol Observatory, with a particular focus on the East Bristol Liveable Neighbourhood project.

One of the primary objectives of the session was to outline the framework for the Bristol Observatory. This involved detailed discussions about the core group that would drive the Observatory’s efforts. The emphasis was on building a team that not only possesses the necessary expertise but also reflects the diversity of the community it aims to serve. By including voices from various actors, the Observatory aims to foster a holistic approach to urban development.

Developing Onboarding and Training Initiatives

The activation of the Bristol Observatory also involves robust onboarding strategies and training initiatives. These are essential for equipping the core group with the skills and knowledge needed to effectively engage with the community and address urban challenges. The workshop facilitated brainstorming sessions to design comprehensive onboarding processes and tailor-made training programs that would prepare the observatory members for their roles.

Looking Ahead

The Bristol Observatory Activation Workshop was more than just a meeting – it was a collaborative and forward-thinking endeavor aimed at shaping a more inclusive and liveable Bristol. The insights and strategies developed during the session will pave the way for the Observatory’s future activities, ensuring that it remains a dynamic and community-centric initiative.